How Does Marijuana Influence Your Anxiety?

Original article found on Marijuana is a stress relieving property for many, allowing people to feel relaxed and uninhibited, like a giant weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Curiously, marijuana is also a common anxiety inducing substance. Paranoia and anxiety are two of the most popular negative side effects of marijuana, to a…

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UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs Once Again Postpones Key Cannabis Vote

Original article found on The United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) has decided to delay until December a vote due to take place this week on the potential global rescheduling of cannabis. The CND—which is meeting in Vienna, Austria from March 2-6—was due to vote on a set of recommendations from the World…

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Marijuana Dispensaries Lose IRS Tax Fight Over FedEx Delivery

Original article found on Marijuana, and the IRS have a difficult relationship. A recent tax case from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Organics Cannabis Foundation LLC v. Commissioner (Jun. 19, 2020) is an unhappy story about a tax audit of several marijuana dispensaries. Any marijuana business faces extra tough tax treatment, since Section 280E…

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World Health Organization Recommends Reclassifying Marijuana Under International Treaties

Original Article on Forbes Global health experts at the United Nations are recommending that marijuana and its key components be formally rescheduled under international drug treaties. The World Health Organization (WHO) is calling for whole-plant marijuana, as well as cannabis resin, to be removed from Schedule IV—the most restrictive category of a 1961 drug convention signed by…

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Congress Expands Medical Marijuana Access for Veterans

Article originally posted on The bills would allow VA doctors to recommend medical marijuana prescriptions to patients while another would kickstart veteran-related cannabis research. A pair of key bills that could expand veterans’ access to medical marijuana passed in a House Committee this week. One piece of legislation would allow Veteran Affairs doctors to…

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FDA Finally Sends Overdue CBD Enforcement Update To Congress

Article originally posted on The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an update to Congress this week on the status of rulemaking for CBD. While the process remains ongoing, the agency announced that it is actively exploring pathways to allow for the marketing of cannabidiol as a dietary supplement and is developing enforcement discretion…

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FDA and USDA Start Making Sense on Hemp CBD

Article from According to Hemp Industry Daily reporter Laura Drotleff, it  was an eventful week for hemp regulation at the National Association of State Department of Agriculture (NASDA) meeting in Arlington, Virginia. Drotleff reported on two major developments at NASDA. These developments came from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture…

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Technology Drug testing in the era of medical marijuana

Drug Testing in the Era of Medical Marijuana

Drug Testing in the Era of Medical Marijuana in Educational by captivalab Before the mid-1990s, marijuana was illegal across the United States for any purpose, medicinal or recreational. However, the current landscape is quite different. Today, 33 states, four inhabited U.S. territories, and Washington DC allow marijuana for medical use with the permission of a doctor, and an…

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