Technology Drug testing in the era of medical marijuana

Drug Testing in the Era of Medical Marijuana

Drug Testing in the Era of Medical Marijuana in Educational by captivalab Before the mid-1990s, marijuana was illegal across the United States for any purpose, medicinal or recreational. However, the current landscape is quite different. Today, 33 states, four inhabited U.S. territories, and Washington DC allow marijuana for medical use with the permission of a doctor, and an…

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Technology Day in the life of a marijuana testing facility

A Day In The Life: Marijuana Testing Lab

A day in the life: Marijuana lab testing was originally published in Marijuana Business Magazine Step 1: Prepare a biosafety cabinet Rm3 Labs, based in Boulder, Colorado, prepares a NuAire biosafety cabinet for bio-contaminant testing. Biosafety cabinets provide a ventilated, clean and enclosed workspace equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters that capture and trap micro…

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