SAFE is a nonpartisan, not for profit special interest group leading the effort to ensure safe, lab tested medical cannabis grown, manufactured, and dispensed using the highest ethical principles, are legally available to those who rely on its healing properties.

Improve your business with the SAFE Seal of Approval

Trust the SEAL

As a patient, you can trust that any product bearing the SAFE Seal of approval is a quality tested product & that the manufacturer members adhere to the highest standards of care in their production processes.


SAFE puts product safety, quality, and value above all else. When evaluating products, SAFE puts purity, ease of use, and customer service to the test. If a product does not, it automatically fails. Our evaluation looks at everything from ingredients, materials, and composition. We will also take in account energy, water, and waste reduction in manufacturing processes to reduction in packaging. Being green means being green!

What makes the SAFE Seal more valuable to patients?

In a marketplace filled with products that make a vast number of claims, SAFE Seals offer patients the guidance they need to make smart choices knowing our certified products are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

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